Fromage Blanc


Bright • Creamy • Tangy Citrus Finish


Not long after we started pasteurizing milk for some of our cheeses we stumbled upon the joy that is Fromage Blanc. When we spread it on top of chocolate chip cookies at our Christmas Party the lightbulb really lit up as far as how versatile this yogurt-like fresh cheese could be. It has been so popular with our restaurant accounts that we have decided to offer it to our retail customers. A perfect example of its versatility can be seen at the Bardstown Road Farmers Market in Louisville, KY, which incidentally is where ALL Kenny’s cheese was once sold. We sell it as “the best cream cheese under the sun”, while our good friend Ivor uses it in all of his savory omelets and the ladies from Dreamcatcher farm use it in their various fruited Strata.

What sets our Fromage Blanc apart from other spreadable cheeses is that it is made with whole milk. Others on the market are skimmed and lose depth in the process. We welcome you to enjoy it both as an ingredient or a spreadable delight!

Beer Pairing: Belgian Sours
Food Application: Substitute for Ricotta or Marscapone in recipes. Also, use it atop sweet baked things like cookies or brownies for a “reverse icing” effect.

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 1.75 in
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