Kentucky Rose (Buy One Get One Free! ) *For each piece ordered we will ship 2*


Added Cream • Briny • Grassy


This has become somewhat of a flagship for our farm, and rightly so because it was named for Mary Rose Mattingly, our original cheese-maker, marketer, farmers market minivan to Louisville schlepper, and inspiration on many long hard, earlier days when it was difficult to soldier on with our duties on the farm and in the creamery. Her constant reminder- That this business is about People and Relationships has become one of our guiding principles. Kentucky Rose is many things, but at its core it is a very simple gently pressed farmhouse-style cheese with a tiny kiss of roquefort, just to give it a floral and earthy note on the rind. Added cream creates a level of decadence that carries the experience from start to finish, but somehow amid all of the that buttery goodness this cheese remains light and airy. The briny finish is longer than you expect. There is nothing to compare it to, like Mary Rose, she is truly one of a kind!

Wine Pairing: Wines you would pair with raw oysters
Spirit Pairing: Wheated Bourbon
Beer Pairing: Wheat beers and Farmhouse Ales
Food Pairing: Raw Oysters

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 2 × 2 in
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