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Added Cream • Beer Wash is pronounced in flavor


Named after Beverly’s mother Nena Crow, this is our own non-traditional take on “Tomme” or French farmer’s cheeses. Traditionally made with skim milk, ours is made with our double-creme Brie curd for a decadent and buttery mouth feel. Cooked and pressed, it has a firmer texture and a slight tanginess up front. We age this in our white cave, and as it begins to develop a white wooly rind, we start washing that back with various ales, sometimes from local breweries when we can make a beer run in time to make the cheese. Look for limited releases with special ale-washings from various breweries.

Wine Pairing: Oaked Chardonnay
Beer Pairing: Fruit Lambic, Belgian Blonde
Food Application: Melt down for a mornay sauce or for an advanced-level grilled cheese
Spirit Pairing: High rye mash-bill bourbons

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