Something for Everyone Bundle


Kentucky Bleu



Kentucky Rose



Stuck in the house and need some cheese to brighten your day? We’ve selected this bundle just for you! It has something for everyone! For bleu cheese lovers we present our Kentucky Bleu. It has a smooth creamy texture that has been known to turn even those weary of bleu cheese into full on fans! If you wear the fancy pants in the house then our Awe-Brie will be right up your alley! Its great on its own but our staff loves to pair it with pretty much any jam, spread, or jelly to really make them feel refined after a long day. Kentucky Rose is a crowd pleaser with its double cream and aged rind. It is one of our most popular cheeses and will not disappoint. We didn’t forget about those picky eaters either! (ahem all those kids that want to snatch cheese while you are slicing) Our Colby has a smooth texture that you can’t go wrong with and pairs with pretty much any type of cracker you have stashed away in the pantry! You will get a 7oz cut of each of these and buying them together gets you the special price of $30.

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