Monthly Cheese Subscription Box

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This is a monthly subscription to get Kenny’s delicious cheese right to your door without even thinking about it! Each month we will select 3-4 cheeses that we are just dying to have you try! We are always making small special batches and love to have our customers try them out and let us know what they think! We will also include some of our classics so that you always have the cheeses that you love on hand! This is the perfect gift! This box will ship the 3rd Monday of each month and we will take orders through the Sunday before to get in on that months special box!


May will ship on the 18th (order cut off 5/17 at 12pm)

June will ship on the 15th (order cut off 6/14 at 12pm)

July will ship on the 20th (order cut off 7/19 at 12pm)

**If you are ordering this as a gift and would like a certificate to include to give to the recipient please email


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