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Where do we begin with Awe-Brie? We have wrestled with this elusive little wheel for years. Making an authentic Brie in the good ol’ USA is a lofty pursuit, and at times we have both excelled and failed miserably. What we have achieved after years of trial and error on our side, as well as feedback from chefs and customers (yes, we love to hear from ALL of you) – is a nice balance between the stability that many Brie-style cheeses in today’s market possess, and the complex ripened flavor of something from the old world. We make two formats, a larger 8″ wheel, usually for the restaurant world, and a smaller round, just over a half-pound for friends-and-family usage.

Wine Pairing: Chardonnay or Bordeaux
Beer Pairing: Blonde beers or Pilsner
Food Application: pair with sweets

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