Dry Fork Reserve 1/4 Wheel




This is a 1/4 of a wheel (about 4lbs) of one of our most popular cheeses! Named for one of the communities adjacent to our dairy farm – Dry Fork Reserve is an alpine-style cheese modeled after the Italian tradition. It is our version of an asiago.  Made with our own raw cows milk and aged a minimum of 14 months, it has a unique complexity of buttery and salty elements that   make it a savory accompaniment to many a dish.  It is extremely versatile in texture, grateable yet still sliceable. It will bring a salty umami element to a salad, or provide the perfect accompaniment to charcuterie. We use it as a workhorse in our own kitchen and many chefs and home-customers have done the like.   The open is extremely fruity with a long buttery and savory middle.  The finish is equal parts berry fruits and sea salt that will leave you salivating.

Cider: Barrel Aged Ciders
Beer Pairing: Italian Pilsner
Wine Pairing; Chianti or Rioja
Food application: Bake into bread or scones, grate over salads or to finish pasta.

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