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Cave-Aged • Buttery • Rustic Finish


Our White Cheddar has always been our best selling cheese, but we wanted to make another one that had a little bit more of a natural rind and looked to some old-world techniques to do so. Named after Kenny’s Grandfather Ted, a quiet but incredibly large and capable iron worker, this cheese is resilient. It is aged in our bleu cave to ensure that it develops an earthy rind and we even use a bit of lard on that rind to keep it from cracking and to maintain the right kind of moisture content. The result is a well-balanced cheddar with some fruity notes on the nose, and as you work your way toward the rind all of that earthy saltiness continues to deepen.

Beer Pairing: Hoppy Beer or Farmhouse-style Ale
Wine Pairing: American Chardonnay
Hard Cider
Food Application On homemade bread with fruit preserves

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Dimensions 4.5 × 2 × 2 in
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